waka flocka (feat. a flocka birds)

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*sees a pic of a dog* oh this is a friend of mine

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listen, i’m never going to let you use my laptop idk what exactly i have to hide but i’m 200% sure there’s something

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The cameraman has a little trouble on the home run trot.

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Kitten Vs. Ant

vine by: babi araujo

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Will you shut the fuck up? We’re trying to watch TV.

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Gus Kenworthy: flawless human being

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amazing facts abt tigers


  • stripes
  • fur 
  • big
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Ok, I know these are usually done at the end of the year, but everyone was doing them and I love you all so I decided to do one, yay!  If we are mutuals and you aren’t on this list, DON’T WORRY!!!  I STILL LOVE YOU!!!!  I just put the people on here who I interact with the most and/or like/reblog my posts, but I love and appreciate all of you for supporting me and SIR and my loserish, too-nerdy-for-a-grown-married-man-with-a-child-pushing-30-from-a-movie tendencies.  I owe yinz a lot over the past 2 years, for bein there for me through thick and thin, when I was a douchebag (we all know when that was), when I was sad, when I was happy.  You put up with all my stupid jokes, movie liveblogs, game liveblogs, and everything else, so it’s only fitting that I do this for yinz. :)

First off, before anyone else, I have to mention my beautiful wife hateharries (Elizabeth) because I love her more than anything. Also my best friend zombie—rf (aka Don Lockwood) because he’s such a lovable idiot and he’s been my best friend for eons and I love him.

Ok, here goes…starting with my hockey/sports followers…(and before you ask:  no, I cannot be arsed to put these in order.  I will only aplhabetize them)

500-days-of-hockey-season, 1000waystoamanda, 9209715, 87isgod


akanev, brebeckr87, cardiaccanes, franciscoliriano, andy0uwillneverbel0nely, actualstrawberrycreamcheese, bickelsbutt, allmynameshaventworked, bruinssoxpats, darth24eighter, anna-can-celly, bluelinedoughty, crash-into-me-baby, cardinalnation52, the-football-chick, dont-touch-my-rask, cupcakeslover5, fangirling-done-right, donotgodjently, alexandersteen, carliechoyle, blackandgoldkeywork, cdawgsoule, claudiamattson, delilahlovejoy, alwaysremembertoneversaynever, coastie2012, canuckserena, drogbatheking, flyhighmyfreebird, the-buzzed-lightyear, coreypurry, crosbyfan87, dancegeniuss, dallas41chicago88, forevermissprice, barrettwantsdecorum, cally-comeback, craigerbearmcmorris, baseballer-for-life, drive-for-five, alisztomaniaa, blackhawksbarbie, bluetorres, domnole, gosid87, crosbylsma87, cams-ward. amy-in-the-sky-with-amethysts, capsgurl12345, blueandgreensushi, deke-it-like-datsyuk, barca-penguins, antisocialinmn, aaronpaulpaul, chasing-lanterns, canadianjuniors, ferdarussians, aussiehockeygirl-87, brooksylaich, brandon-proost, bournival-carnaval, dropsofjupiter35, giovannyblanco, girolala, adelelcoolj, brandonbolliging, catbrancato, bands-baseball-and-hockey, becausecoffee, darren-helm, brianboyler, erikkarlsson65, crosby-juice, frazzlesnazzle, deked-by-titanic, gerritcole, cinnam8, chakotagirl


hockeydreamer, jonathanquick, itsjackiiee, hockeytard, mouthymarchy, heart-of-rock, ohshutupp, motherhadmetested, raskis-ourking, hockeysisl, melissamichellemmm, moonshine-and-starlight, lovelyepic, lidijaz, itwasalmostgoodbye, russianbear71, optimuspreiminister, in-lupul-we-trust, justalittleepic, hannibellie, kisses-from-dubinsky, on-beast-mode, nkurth31, kronwalled55, hockeyfortoews, habsluke27, hashtaghabsnation, pittsburghergirl, iouexplodingpens, ireptheburgh, magicmogul, i-do-not-give-a-puck, girouxissexy2898, meenin, kaley-michelle87, lets-party-in-hell, luvhockey, hockey-is-life-5, itshockeybitch, hockeyislifemf, kashunia-petunia, partially-complete, neverfalterneverfail, ibelieveinboston, nathanmackinnon, natabane, petrpetrpuckeater, nyasamune, peace-love-blackhawks, iwanna-puck, jrleto, hockey-vibes, matszuccahello, niskatang, larrybhawks88, icametogetbiznasty, orr4fan, ryaneclowe29, saintfleury, p1ttsburgher, kevinbieksaa, niam-bells, jessiejade, overratedwithsemin, justanordinarycanadiangirl, oncemorewithvodka, mackinnon-drouin, lefanatiquedehockey, mrsfreddykrueger, internationalgirl, kingspensluv13, kanergirl88, hellowonderwhatsyourname, jeffskins, livelovelaughalweys, jopojengi, joffreylupul-19, lolheyitskita, hemi-powereddrone, keepcalmandlovebieksa, phenomenalblogging, hardtobryzgalove, menyazevotzhenya, icemasterstevie, theorange-and-theblack, mylifebejaaank, king-loki-of-hiddlesville, msucatlady, jonaslikewoah, prongerchris, markmclovinmcmorris, markkmcmorris, kinghanklundqvist, obsessedwithgreenday23, jannikhansen36, lookingtrevorlindengood, penismcnab, infamy-is-eternal, itsstaalgood, itsstaalgood11, lemieuxmagnifique, lanadelangela, nataliethepittsburghpenguin, lattesandhockey, icanseeyoubreathless, mcquaiding, nhlchick, jimcraig, jasonakesonshair, ilovehockeymorethanyoukid, moxie-licious, lilyjanecollinns, pittsburghhockey, jamesvanriemsdyk, hockeydandy, imashley-m, michael-neal


yaegerbombs, tbcwill09, tumblingmuffin, trustyprust, sassygoalies, taraxlove, toxicwaltz, these-fighting-words, who-givesapuck, spitfirefan21, sweet-detroit, soundcloak69, summertime—saadness, suninwintertime, uncfaery, why-not-worn-with-pride, whiskeyandbutterfliesxx, saintbobrovsky, sinister-child, sofiealmeida, sjsharkslovecaskett, snowboards-hockeypucks, shawzerz, shawzer65, webering, wendelynne

And last but certainly, CERTAINLY not least, to my fangirls and fans.  I—we—owe you so much.  Thanks for everything, it means a lot. <3 (shoutout to my hockey fandom homies that are fangirls/fans too!)

briansurfsupmydear, kindredspirits39, miyulivingdead, maykelly23, henryfondafan99, flannelandconverse, john-lennons-sideburns, thehatterofwykkydness, carliefornication, jellyofthearts, aurelianalchemist, goneintorapture, themadgingerone, thelightstothepavement, cantiatleastknowyou, blacktanktopsaremylife

So yeah, I think that’s everyone!  And to everyone else I didn’t list, I’m sorry and I love you all.  Yinz better reblog this and stuff cause it took me an hour and a half to make it.

Cos <3 :)

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